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I titled this body of work The Landscape to indicate my continued  interest in the landscape as an idea rather than as geography.  In a press release for the exhibition at the Kathleen Ewing Gallery in Washington, DC in 2000 I wrote in part


…. A small but significant change is the introduction of man made elements into the images- a fence line, a soda bottle or a small piece of road.  The basis of the work remains consistent.  I want the work to be subtle, poetic and unabashedly beautiful….


The critic Ferdinhand Protzman wrote in his review in The Washington Post on September 14, 2000


"…DiPerna abandoned the desert as a location, but with small yet significant modifications, stuck with the abstract, painterly approach and produced some of the most profoundly beautiful photographs of his career….Whether in Minnesota or Nova Scotia he found the desert, or more precisely, those rare instances when nature reveals itself as great bands of color and texture….."